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Baptist, get-together with friends, birthday, anniversary celebrations

Family events
Baptist, get-together with friends, birthday, anniversary celebrations

1.If you have any family occasion, we can help you with organizing the event, and transacting it.

2. Here you can find the perfect location, catering facilities; decor; floral etc...

3. With our cooperation, we make your job easier, you don't have to run around hundred ways and loose you head, just let us do the job. The well-laid banquet table will be waiting for you.

4. Contact me and let me know how can I help You!
5. Sincerely, Nora Scheffer



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Address: 7030 Paks, Cseresznyés u. 57.
Tel.: 06 30 / 216 47 66 * info@schrendezveny.hu
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